Critical error on website, tried to upload wordpress file onto filezila

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I asked earlier on this forum, and I got a response to use FileZilla to reupload the Wordpress theme to my account but it doesn’t seem to be working. I downloaded the Wordpress theme from the site given to me from the last post and uploaded it to FileZilla under htdocs. Is this correct? or do I upload the Wordpress file to htdocs/wp-admin (I unzipped the zip file so I uploaded the folder to the htdocs)
(link to my first post about the problem: Problem with logging in to wp-admin - #5 by websurfing)

I was originally redirected to this article: How to fix a corrupted WordPress installation - Docs - InfinityFree Forum and I followed the tips in there with Filezilla.

(Thanks in advance!
after I uploaded the Wordpress folder to htdocs: (still has the same issue)

Since Infinityfree has a 10MB upload limit, it is likely that some files never got uploaded.

Try this and tell me if it doesn’t work.

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It is working fine for me!

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The error message doesn’t show any path to a plugin or theme, so I would say that it’s your WordPress installation itself that was corrupted. This can happen if a WordPress update fails.

If that’s the case, then the “How to fix a corrupted WordPress installation” article is the one to follow. You say you already found it. Did you try following the instructions as well? Because if not, that would be a good place to start.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I saw that it mentions trying to read the code on the screen , but since I dont understand code Im not sure if I shoudl just delete all my themes and reupload them later, (if I delete my current theme, called Organization, I dont know if it will also delete my blog posts?)
I have also tried changing the theme but it didnt work
and for the last tip I tried uploading the theme with Filezilla, (under htdocs and htdocs/admin but it hasn’t shown anything.)
Do you have any other possible advice ? Thanks!

Hi, sorry I meant my website’s wp-admin so (the error sign is there)

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Hi admin, yes I followed the instructions, I downloaded the wordpress zip file from the link Download – and uploaded it to Filezilla for my website on the htdocs folder. However, the instructions from the link How to fix a corrupted WordPress installation - Docs - InfinityFree Forum (at the end) stated : “If you’re uploading the code to the right folder, it should ask what to do with the files already there. You should select “Overwrite” and click the boxes to apply this action to all uploads.” but I never got an overwrite message, not sure if I should or can remove the Wordpress file and try again? (Should I reupload the file to htdocs or another file on Filezilla?) Thanks in advance.

If you found two htdocs then just upload those files inside Online file manager > > htdocs and not in the Online file manager > htdocs.

But if you only found one htdocs and it is the Online file manager > htdocs, then upload it there.

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You should NOT remove your WordPress installation. Doing so will delete all themes, plugins and uploads, which is completely unnecessary, and doesn’t solve the upload location issue.

You should upload the content of the wordpress folder in the extracted archive to your htdocs folder. Both the folder on your FTP account and your local folder should have the directories wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes, as well as a bunch of loose files. If one of them doesn’t have that, you’re not looking at the right folder.


Hi Admin, I checked and the wordpress folder I uploaded does seem to have the directories wp-admin , wp-content and wp-includes , as well as a bunch of loose files. (but it still says there is a critical error with my website) Do you think it is a different issue? Is there anything else I can possibly do to be able to log back in and start posting? Thanks in advance.

First go to the wp-config file inside htdocs. Then find this code which is usually near the bottom, ‘define( 'WP_DEBUG', false );
Once you’ve found it change the false to true and now go to your site and tell us the errors that come up on your website.

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You never got an error because you weren’t using softaculous. It’s much quicker and easier to install Wordpress from there. You can find it in your vistapanel.

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The screenshot shows the error: you uploaded the whole wordpress folder instead of it’s contents. If you delete that folder, and upload the contents of the wordpress folder instead of the folder itself, you should be prompted to overwrite files.


Thanks! The error message I got is the same from when my original post

Thanks! I might try that. I originally installed wordpress from softaculous, does that mean I have to install it again? or do i first remove wordpress then install it? Just asking before I do something by mistake. Im going to try uploading the contents of the wordpress folder into Filezilla before attempting this.

First keep what you want.
Then remove wordpress and then install it again.

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Softaculous will install a fresh and clean version of Wordpress. Please carefully backup your previous wordpress.


Once you’ve done that then everything should be ok. If something goes is wrong, always come back!

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I double clicked on the wordpress folder, (which them opened up those small files below, which I uploaded) but it still had some other folders in there, do I have to upload those folders individually? (Open those too then upload? wp-admin, wp-content, etc., )
I clicked “command all” on my macbook after I double clicked on the wordpress folder, (which then showed the stuff on the left ) and uploaded them all to the htdocs, but I still didnt get the overwrite message. Sorry Im new to filezilla so I dont know if I uploaded it write. Should I try installing it from Softaculous like Technical.Legendz suggested? Thanks

Yeah try to reinstalling it for fresh installation and faster process, but please do a backup first.

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