Can you guys fix this

There have been 2 other topics about this. Please refer to them, also yes, we are aware. It is being fixed.

Do you know what Informal is?

To inform people

Now I get 403 error

Informal isn’t really similar to ‘info’, it’s just for chit chat, off-topic talks and whatever is not related to getting support. What you’re wanting here is getting support Support.

It seems to be a temp issue, I’ll be fixed later, staff are already aware. Do not create topics like especially when others too report same issue.

I get 403 access denied

It seems to be a temp issue

The SSL certificate has expired. iFastNet has been notified but they are quite slow to fix it.

You can use any of the other reseller domains in the mean time. So, and can be used instead.


Before the fix, I saw you used

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