Cpanel was broken so changed password and now stuck on "Account is updating"

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: My hosting Cpanel was not accessible for some reason, so I reset the password, and now it is stuck with the message “your account is being updated”. When I say the “cpanel wasnt accessible” I mean at first it wold just come up with an error, and then when to fix it it typed in “” and it would just ignore all inputs to the username and password, and then sometimes give me a random username like rfgd_ or epizy_?

I’m using this software: Softaculous wordpress is pretty much it.

Additional information:

now because it was taking so long to load, the account has been suspended for 24 hours for MySQL usage limits, but this literally isnt my fault so what am I supposed to do about this? On a positive I seem to be able to access cpanel while the account is suspended, but only has limited features.

See the knowledge center for the answer on suspensions.

A script or file that was too large or contained code that the hosting malware detection system marked as suspicious might have caused the automatic suspension of your account.

It is not about the suspension its about the Cpanel not working

Can you please clarify how the control panel is “not working”? What do you see?

Also, in your previous post you just said the features are limited. If that’s what you still see, it means the control panel is “working” exactly as intended. If an account is suspended, almost all features of the account are disabled by design.

I mean instead of re-directing and singing me in automatically when clicking control panel, it would give me a login screen, and when I put the login data in and clicked login, it would just do nothing, it was as if the page had refreshed. It might be fixed, ill find out in about an hour when my suspension is over.

The suspension seems to have fixed my problem. The thread can be closed, thanks for the help guys.