Could someone tell me a hosting that I can put my social network on?

Could someone tell me a hosting that I can put my social network on. Currently my social network is on infinity free, but what is hurting my network is the daily limits, which when they are reached simply the site is suspended. I know I can’t demand anything or complain, infinity free has so much for a free hosting that my god kk, but anyway I can’t stay here, my network needs the private chat system to work, and to have higher limits. I even thought about buying a premium hosting here but even so chat will continue to be disabled. Well, now that I have clarified, I really want to know a hosting that I can help myself and solve these problems.

I think social networking is banned in infinity free…

This comes under the file sharing category.

It is not blocked

I meant banned

But it’s not

What script are you using for the network?

I’m using phpsocial, i think

Do you have a valid liscence for that?

if I bought a license on infinity free?

Did you buy the liscence for Phpsocial?

I just found a phpsocial file on the internet, downloaded it and tested it on xampp, I thought it was cool. Oh I’m only using it with my family, my plans are not to grow so much

Hmm, You are using a Nulled version…

Makesure to remove it now or Admin will have to suspend your account

Why ths?

Phpsocial costs 40$ and you are using a pirated version,which is banned in IF.

Please remove it asap or Admin will have to suspend you


I didn’t know it was a pirated version. because some code came when I got the script

Now remove it to save your account

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Then I thought it was a version that they had already left for free, as happened with Muviko

I just need you to tell me a hosting that allows the chat to work, and that has no limits like the IF. Because then if the admin suspends my account, I will have a place on my site

Hosting pirated software here is not allowed. Period. Not for testing, evaluation or educational purposes. Not for personal, family, non profit or other non commercial use. Pirated software is illegal and dangerous and should never be used at all.

That never happens for most software. And if you wonder it might be, you should be able to find an announcement about this on a trusted source (like on the developer’s website). If there is no such thing, then you should assume the version is pirated.


I just downloaded it from the internet, when I went to install it had a code, in the config file, next to LISCENCE but that’s when I ask when it is a pirated version, is the code always the same?