CORS Error

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Access to script at ‘’ (redirected from ‘’) from origin ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

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Hello everyone, today I decided to download the tg authorization page and see how it looks from the inside. I downloaded it, but when I launched it, the script for selecting a phone number using the country did not work. I looked at the console, it wrote that it was necessary for the code to be uploaded to the hosting because it would not work as an html file that was launched in the browser (CORS Error). Therefore, I uploaded to the hosting, but instead of 3 errors, I got 12 more, and the longer the site, the more errors. What is the problem?


Well, Telegram is blocked on free hosting


it’s not official telegram, i download html code from telegram login page

If I understand correctly what you are doing, it is illegal.


Download html code for checking how it work? It’s not illegal

You can’t copy code from someone else and upload it to your own web server. Code is protected by copyright laws, and that’s illegal.


The problem is seems that a lot of files that are being referenced are missing from your site.

Please remember that opening a web page and hitting Ctrl+S doesn’t create a perfect copy of the website. With a complex Javascript application like the Telegram Web Client, many additional files may be downloaded as the code executes.

If you want to run Telegram Web yourself, you can do that. Most of Telegram’s apps are open source, meaning you can freely host, edit and share the code yourself. You can find the links to all source codes on their website: Telegram Applications

Just be sure to follow the installation instructions of the software you’re using. Hitting Ctrl+S in your browser is not the way.


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