Correction in login page

Hi admin. I think the second sentence should be “Please make sure the captcha is not blocked…”


Eu queria muito que a infinityfree resolvesse vários erros na plataforma. O principal são alguns botões que não possuem link - Eu estava tentanto instalar a Privatekey e o certificate no SSl e os botões não registram.
Outro problema é em questão dos erros que acontecem depois de já instalaod o programa, e quando vamos para o wordpress forçar o ssl manualmente o http colocando o S na frente do P, ele dá erro.


I really wanted infinityfree to solve several errors on the platform. The main one is some buttons that do not have a link - I was trying to install the Privatekey and the certificate in the SSl and the buttons do not register.

Another problem is in question of the errors that happen after already installing the program, and when we go to wordpress to force the ssl manually the http putting the S in front of the P, it gives an error.

First of all, InfinityFree cannot fix all issues in the platform, primarily because we do not build many parts of the platform ourselves. Only the client area is built by us. Most other things are built by iFastNet, so all I can do is ask them to fix it, I can’t do it myself.

The issues I can fix, I would like to fix, but I’m not aware of all issues that do exist, because they may be triggered by circumstances I did not test. So if there is an issue, please explain the issue so we can fix it.

With that said, I don’t know what “the buttons do not register” mean. That may be lost in translation, but please understand I cannot fix an issue if I cannot understand the description.


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