Correct mx record for email

Username epiz_29089550]

Error Message none

I want my email to point to an ip address. what’s the correct way to do this in the MX record box?

Email is not supported here, but you can use third-parties like Yandex or Postable.

thats strange. if email is not supported why is there a page at my hosting account inviting me to enter an mx record?

MX records tell mail servers where to find other mail servers, for example, your domain ( has an MX record which tells for example, Gmail where to find the mail server for your domain.

InfinityFree doesn’t support built in mail anymore, but you can use the MX records and use an alternative mail provider such as Yandex or Postable like @Greenreader9 said.


I don’t know, maybe it is because MOFH (what infinityfree is hosted on) used to allow emails but now don’t because of spam.

You generally cannot refer to an IP
MX records should point to address records (A or AAAA), domains, or hostnames (not IP address).


If you have custom domain, Zoho is also an alternative

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