’s server IP address could not be found

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: I am getting this error: ’s server IP address could not be found. only on my home wifi but works for others. can I get some hlep please

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

You have pointed it to InfinityFree, which is good.

Is this domain added in the panel though? Check so, by going to Addon Domains.

Since the domain only seems to be enabled since today:

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Yes it is added and I was able to access it few days ago. There is a pattern that I can notice is it goes down in the night every alternate day and gets back live in the afternoon. It shows me the same error mentioned in the title. May I know what is the issue or you would suggest to change the hosting to some other provider and drop my plan of switching to premium service of yours.

We bring domain names online almost instantly. I can’t think of anyting on our end that would cause your website’s DNS records to disappear at a fixed time of day every day.

I did just check your domain and see it’s using Cloudflare, but there don’t seem to be any A records for in there. Can you please make sure your DNS records in Cloudflare are correct, or move your domain name back to our nameservers (which we make sure are configured correctly)?

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