Control Panel Error "Your password is too short! please use a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 20"

epiz_27204696 or

I tried to login to my control panel and I get this error
It seems it happened to everyone so if they fix it or if there a fix, some please notify me.

I tried to change the password and i get a error

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Also file manager doesn’t work too

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my file manager and control panel is also not working .


once again…thought it was only just me.

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yeah same

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i mean it’s a good thing that InfinityFree has some kind forum or a place to interact or else it would’ve been chaos, thinking that it was our mistake!

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So well, have patience, Once Admin comes online he will give a solution

Yep, that a good thing

Oh is anyone getting there website down because my does
it said it right here

This problem has nothing to do with infinityfree, seems like you didnt add A/CNAMe records in Cloudflare.

Can you show me your DNS records in CF?

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i pause cloudflare a few hour ago but i can give you a picture

I dont find any A/CNAME record for the domain itself.

Can you open your client area( and click on the respective domain and show me the main ip to proceed

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I also use cloud flare and i have pointed all my domain and subdomain is pointed to my ip address to make it work.

Now copy the ip and add an A record in Cloudflare as follows

Host = @
Target =

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Now wait for an hour or more and try again to visit

my website is up now thanks

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My website is up now
someone tell me to close this or close it

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