Contact Form doesn't work

I followed all the steps for the Contact Form but somehow it doesn’t work. Getting: “Please retry the Captcha!” when I click Send button

sincerely Kevo

Did you input your Google ReCapcha keys in the config file?

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yes I have

Does the Captcha box appear on the form?

Yes you can try:

This may or may not be the cause, but you have an extra space character in the code (After the site key but before the last quotation mark.)

<div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="xxx
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Now there is no space but it doesn’t work either. Maybe it has something to do with my host provider???

I see an error there saying

ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key

Please make sure that you have correctly set the site key and secret key in the ReCaptcha settings in the configuration file.

That’s possible. Have you tried it on InfinityFree yet?

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Yes I tried it and had no problems… Yes I have had used infinity free

I don’t think you are supposed to share you secret key…

Please delete the ReCapcha from Google, and create a new one. By sharing your secret key (Named secret for a reason) you may be allowing hackers into your site.

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deleted it… don’t have any clue why I’m getting this annoying error message

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