Contact form 7 plugin for wordpress doesn't seem to work

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: the message sends successfully, but when I go to check my emails, it is not there.

I’m using this software: wordpress, and contact form 7 plugin

Additional information: also, when I go to, it does not seem to load my site.

Did you check one of the other many topics about people having problems with Contact Form 7 on our hosting?

Next time, please search the forum first, because many questions have already been answered here. Just like the knowledge base, like this article, which most of these topics refer to:


thank you, but I didn’t know that contact form 7 plugin use php mail.

So, while reading other topics you suggest using mailjet. will that work? does that use PHP mail or PHP mailer?

PHP mail() is a function built into PHP which uses a mail program on the server to send messages. This mail program is restricted on free hosting.

PHPMailer is a set of PHP code which can send email through the PHP mail() function or through SMTP. If you use PHPMailer with an SMTP gateway from Mailjet, that should work.

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