Consulta sobre compra de version premium

deseo tomar el servicio premium el host sera solo para para todas las paginas que se encuentran en mi cuenta? ya que solo uso 1 en esta cuenta y otra que esta en otra cuenta, hay manera de unificarlo y comprar el premiun ?

Speak in English next time! I translated what you said in Italian this time, to then read it and answer this question.
You can unify the pages from separate hosting account by downloading them and putting them in a separate folder. So then you can buy the Premium Hosting and upload the files in the cPanel File Manager of the hosting account.

From iFastNet’s website:

What we can not do?

Merging 2 or more cPanel accounts

iFastNet can migrate one free hosting account to one premium account. But if you wish to merge websites from separate free accounts into a single premium one, you will have to migrate those sites manually.

How can I do it? since I have 3 web full per host free and does not allow me to delete 1 web, I would like to do so to buy the premium version, thank you very much

To migrate a website to another host, you need to connect the FTP client (like FileZilla) with these instructions:
FTP server: (or or
Port: 21
Connection type: Explicit TLS (if available), or if you’re using or its alias, Plain FTP
Username: you can find it on the Client Area in the format epiz_12345678
Password: you can find it on the Client Area, clicking the username of the account you’re trying to migrate, then clicking on Show/Hide to show the password.
Connect to the server, then go to the htdocs of the domain you’re trying to migrate to another host, and download the files in a folder on the Desktop.
After that, you should be ready to upload the website to another host, or iFastNet Premium Hosting, and if you’ve installed a CMS on the Free Hosting, do this before you migrate successfully the website to the other host: download the database always from the Free Account’s phpMyAdmin in the SQL format, upload it on the new host via phpMyAdmin, then change the database settings to point to the new database server of the host.

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