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Websites hosted on ip seem to go online and offline every few minutes in the last hours. I thought uptimerobot was broken but checked myself and it’s correct. Anyone who has it’s site on can confirm? Any update from admins would be appreciated.

The IP is working fine for me. Can you share the website URL that is having issues, as well as the uptime robot link? There may be some backend maintenance ongoing, but I cannot say for sure.


IFastNet Support answer:
“Your server is being ddos attacked, we have implemented measures to prevent this please allow 24 hours.”


MeeToo :frowning:
Getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT when trying to access my hosted app

Is your website pointed to the same IP address? Or there are more IPs being under maintenance? You may check it on, it’s listed under Account details

My site is also not working fine since yesterday, I hope this will be resolved today. (My site is on the same IP).

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As for now my site (IP still returns from time to time “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” error.

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Indeed, it has not been fixed yet. Still goes offline every 5 or 10 minutes. Hopefully they’ll fix it today.

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Guys, these DDOS attacks are temporary. As far as I know, the system has to shutdown the websites for at least 24 hours or more, if the DDOS attacks are still present. There is no need to panic. We just have to wait. No one knows when this attacks come into an end, maybe sooner or later.

I think Admin will post an official update later about the affected IPs.

Stay patient :slight_smile:


Me too.

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Still failures in network requests (IP
This thing called 99% availability?

99% all time, not 99% of every second of every minute of every hour. Over the 9 years InfinityFree has been in business, there has been a 99% availability rate. Attacks and downtime do happen.


It seems that is working properly again. No more connection timeouts in the last 8 hours.
Fortunately not every IP has been affected, my other websites hosted by iFastNet experienced no downtime.


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