"Connection Refused" FTP

Hello, i am currently trying to find a new way to change and add new html pages, since I am in college, i’d like to manage my site, but it blocks the “Online File Manager”. And when i try and connect through filezilla which they have installed, it doesn’t seem to work.

When i input the information, it gives me a “Connection Refused by server” error.

Please double check for all of your information to be correct.

Read this article for better understanding. If the proble remains, please reply here.


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When you say you’re in college, does that mean you’re using the college network to try and manage your website? Because some school and company network administrators are really strict and protective and block many protocols and IP addresses from being accessed on their network. Could you try to connect over a proxy or VPN and see if you still get the same issues?


They already have fllezilla installed, why would they have it if they didn’t allow it?

They could be using FileZilla for college-only purposes. Try connecting to a VPN/proxy or a hotspot / normal WiFi, and see if you still get the error.

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I don’t know why network administrators are so restrictive. In the European Union, this is actually illegal. So you should really ask that question to your network administrators.

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