Connection or SSL problem

Hello my website on infinity is working fine sometimes but in first load show very slow and gives connection was unexpectedly closed error, I have checked SSL fine and other connection setting all is looking good.

Any suggestion will make the website smooth.

Yes you are right - it takes time sometimes

here you are missing httpS so it is ignored because it is http (mixed content)

but my AV doesn’t like that sub/domain because

it looks like this domain is using parking.js + ads



There are definitely better ways to find jquery.geo.js if you need it for your website :slight_smile:

Other possible reasons why it needs time because this doesn’t succeed


So what is the solution? or there is any plugin or setting I can do?

The jQuery Geo plugin seems to be loaded in by the file warp.js, which is part of the yoo_balance_wp theme you’re using.

So I guess that this is just an error in the theme, perhaps using a URL that worked before but doesn’t work anymore now. But that’s what you can expect if you’re using a theme that was released over a decade ago.

This cannot (or at least should not) be fixed with a plugin or setting. I would suggest to consider a more modern theme for your website. Something created more recently is less likely to have issues like this.


Today website working fine, I notice sometimes in weekend load slow therefore it is not any code or plugin, theme issue it is from hosting.


The first page load is fairly slow, but that’s normal with WordPress. I don’t see anything unusual besides that.