Connection not secure, connection refuzed

I see a ton of other people have expressed versions of this problem, I’ve gone through most of the “fixes” they’ve listed, so here goes:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.



**Note: when I remove the “s” and use only http, I get the message page:

The connection to is not secure

You are seeing this warning because this site does not support HTTPS. Learn more

This, I think, has been an ongoing problem with my site: when I link with an https, people cannot get the site to open. If I use unsecure URL, they get the unsecure message #2.

I have tried changing DNS on the domain register page, which made the site disappear altogether, done multiple SSL installations, but there seems to be no way to get the domain registrar page ( to play nicely with the hosting site.

Your website shows fine for me with HTTPS:

If you’re still facing an issue, try clearing your browser’s cache and any DNS/SSL caches.


Thanks, ChrisPAR, for the note. The site did indeed come back up after three or four days, but this is not what I bargained for, so I decided to go to a paid site. First I signed up for a hostinger basic site. Very inexpensive and lots of promises, but moments after signing up and paying, I had trouble with simple site navigation with them. Not having time to mess with another few hours of lost time, I asked my previous host,, for a break in the amount they charge, and they did pretty good. Still over twice as much as Hostinger, but it works and I know the system, etc. I’ll still keep this free site going for the just-in-case scenario, but I can’t depend on it so much. Maybe the thing to do is to buy some kind of reseller program somewhere and have my domain hosting paid for by others’ dues. :slight_smile: The American way. :slight_smile: (Speaking of which, I used Doteasy’s referral link above, so I could earn something from purchases made from it. Transparency.)

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