Connecting hosted domain to Google Workspace

From Google: We’re currently unable to verify your domain. You may need to wait longer for your domain host to update your information. If that doesn’t happen soon, try verifying again.

I have updated my CNAME record on infinity free, but my domain verification is not processing. I did notice there is no TTL time to specify on Infinity free, so my DNS records may not be updated yet. I am wondering about the standard TTL time of this site, or if there are any other steps to troubleshoot this.


It can take DNS records 72 hours to take effect. The TTL time does not define when the records take effect, just when the server should request an update.


Alright, so give it 2 more days before it is really a problem?


I just took a look at your domain name, and your nameservers are not pointing to InfinityFree.

Because of the way that DNS works, you have to set your CNAME records with your DNS provider. Your DNS provider is whoever you have your nameservers pointed to.


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