Connecting Google Domains account to InfinityFree

I have got a new domain from Google Domains and I have added the two nameservers from InfinityFree to Google Domains control panel .

Do I need to change the Resource Records also or just wait 72 hours for it to work. My website is not loading?

Url please?

I believe you have successfully created an account.

I cannot see my website I have uploaded to the correct webspace where it htdocs?

I changed name servers in Google Domains control panel to the Infinity name servers…

Anything else I need to do.?

Do delete index2.html

I have… Anything else?

Read the Article provided.

I have this in the parent… Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 09.07.13

All seems fine here??!!1

Explain more than just ‘i cannot see my website’


So, I have added the infinity name servers to google domains dns.

Do I need to do something with the resource records ??? Do I need to add infinity records to Google resource records or other way around?

Not needed…

Your domain works fine from my end.(Try clearing your cache…)

when I click on a case study such as berry bros and rudd the pdf does not show up.? I have uploaded in the webspace does it load for you? and also when I type in it does not load - does it load for you?

Try clicking on the Berry Bros & rudd link does it show my pdf?

I checked your domain name and I see you created a CNAME record for This is not correct. The default DNS records created on our nameservers should be correct (and if they aren’t, you can’t fix them).

Please remove the domain name from your account and add it again to fix this.

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