Configuring SSL - does not match the current private key


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The certificate you have entered does not match the current private key.

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I am trying to configure the free ssl which I generated without problems from the client area. Then as I copy and paste the private key into the SSL/TSL screen from the CPanel, I can generate the CSR request, but when I paste the certificate (from the same screen where I get the Private Key) I then get the above error that is does not match the current private key.

I don’t not know how to proceed from here. I looked in all the documentation but couldn’t find a solution. Your assistance would be appreciated.

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If you’re using the Free SSL provided by InfinityFree do not create a CSR as it will not work. You need to use the Private Key & Certificate listed in the Client Area.

Please read this for more information:


Thanks TigerMANEK426

I tried this also and it didn’t work (I tried that first actually), but now that I try it again I notice that the error message is slightly different as it says : The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name

I rechecked everything including the CNAME records and it all seems to be correct. Just not working

Is there a way I can restart the process ? delete the generated SSL and just try again?

You can delete the SSL domain from your client area and start from scratch. But I’m quite sure that’s just a waste of time, and that the provided certificates are correct.

If you upload the key and certificate from the client area to your account, it should work. Right now, the private key you uploaded is not correct.

Just to be clear do not use the Generate Key/CSR button in the control panel. You don’t want to generate a key and CSR. You don’t need a CSR and the key is generated for you in the client area.


Thanks a lot - it worked.

I had not realized there were two buttons, one to upload key and then another one to upload certificate. I tried doing both in one step and only actually submitted the certificate…

All good now - thanks a million

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