Composer version update and php version update

Error Message


The “no-plugins” option does not exist.

Other Information

The error message “The ‘no-plugins’ option does not exist” indicates that the option “no-plugins” is not recognized by the Composer command. This error likely occurs because the version of Composer being used does not support the “no-plugins” option in the update command.

To resolve this issue, you can try updating Composer to the latest version. The “no-plugins” option was introduced in Composer version 2.0.0, so make sure you have Composer version 2 or higher installed.

You can update Composer using the following command in your terminal or command prompt:

composer self-update

so , please update composer version

thank you

We don’t have Composer installed on free hosting servers. The Composer version is up to your computer’s side; so you have to run that command on where you compiled the entire project to update your Composer’s version, maybe also update the dependencies or downgrade them so they’re supported by the version of PHP available on free hosting (7.4.8 on most accounts) and upload the files back again.


my website is gone why yesterday it was there but currently something writing on my site page and I am not able to see site .

what is happening .??

please help
thank you

For me your website works fine:

What do you see when you access your website?


solved thanks ,
some time ago it was redirected to some arabic or other site

but now working fine

thank you


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