Completely random 500 errors

I’m running laravel application. Requests randomly end up with 500 error. I say random because when i send same request again, it passes.

Like, login throws error but successfull on second try.

I can’t toggle on debugging mode because server can’t handle debugger and throw out of memory error.

What i found out is when debugger is on, I can access the site one time in 10 secs. F5 raises out of memory again.

I think my script is sending too many requests to the server. But 500 error to many requests is weird.

Any ideas to troubleshoot?

it’s a little older article, but maybe it will help you

of course if you use ajax

Error 500 ? max_input_time 60 (server info) This sets the maximum time in seconds a script is allowed to parse input data, like POST and GET. Timing begins at the moment PHP is invoked at the server and ends when execution begins.


I don’t think input time is the issue. Errors are almost instant.

I’ll try the article you mentoined.

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Enable display errors…?


who knows, maybe some bot is browsing your page and sending various inputs
and you also tried and saw the E500 in the meantime

Search the internet, maybe there is a better answer or on the Laravel page itself

Try to dumb down the application in the sense that you leave only some segments active
and then you increase the number of active ones until find where the cause is



I think so. It would be weird if only 1 user reached max_connections.


Quite off topic but such error happens more frequently for some reason (compared to when i was active back to 2019-2021)


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