returns a "suspended domain" page, while the main domain does NOT

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I manage the site on Cloudflare, with @Neeraj0001

— Issue —

The subdomain is returning a suspended domain error! While the main domain is not! Could this be a result of a DNS change I made in my CF dashboard (by proxying it as an A record, with the IP address

Be advised, I have changed this record So could this be due to the record not propagating yet?

This is what I see


What about (the main domain)?

Is that because the DNS records are still propagating?


You have to create the domain in the InfinityFree control panel first, did you do that?


No, but it was working without infinityfree (until I changed the record)!

Are you pointing the subdomain to your IF IP?

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I was (but I changed the record)

— These are the records right now —

It was originally an A record pointing toward, but I changed it after getting the issue I have right now!

Well I can guarantee you that it will not work if you don’t add that A record back. You also need to add the subdomain to your IF account so you can edit it files.

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So add the A record back, add it to my IF account, and edit the files how?

When you add the subdomain to your account, a new folder will be created in your FTP account to manage the files for the subdomain.


The only problem: I don’t actually own the site! I just manage it!

Well, you need to get whoever owns the main domain to add it to their IF account. What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?


Simple: Get the website reachable again!

And @Neeraj0001 owns it!

So ask him/her to add the domain to the account back.


Using an A record or a CNAME record doesn’t matter, as long as they all ultimately connect to the same IP address.

But you do need to add the domain to your hosting account on our end as well. If you don’t, the server doesn’t know which account and folder the domain should load.


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