Common errors

Common errors

Error 500

Your PHP code is wrong. Please ask for help by using Google or Hosting Support

Suspended-website/ redirect

Your account is suspended. Check the client area for more information, or there is a system issue System Issues

Error 404

The Infinityfree server cannot find the resource.

Error 401

You entered an incorrect password on a password protected page

Error 525 (Cloudflare)

You are using Cloudflare, with Full SSL and there is no SSL certificate on your website.

Too many redirects
  1. You are forcing SSL through Cloudflare and through .htaccess
  2. You have an SSL certificate installed, but are using Cloudflare's Flexible SSL

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I disagree. New sites can redirect even if they are not suspended.


Uh, is .htaccess a joke to you? :expressionless:

I also think you can theoretically send a 500 header, too (although, someone who did that would understand why it is giving a 500 error).


You did a good job making this :wink:

The whole topic is.


All of the things listed are either incomplete or incorrect.

Error 500

Pro tip: if you see a browser provided HTTP ERROR 500 page or something like it, it means your PHP code is wrong. If you’re redirected to, it means your .htaccess is wrong.

Assuming the former, the very first step is try and dig up an actual error message. “My website code is crashing and I don’t know why” isn’t exactly an actionable support request. This is what our KB article is about too: Http error 500 - Docs - InfinityFree Forum

Suspended-website/ redirect

What @Greenreader9 said.

Error 404

There are many ways this could happen. I tried to write a good starting point here:

Error 401

This one is correct. But you should start by looking at the Directory Privacy settings.

Error 525 (Cloudflare)

This is true.

To fix this, you can either switch to Flexible SSL in Cloudflare or install an SSL certificate on your hosting account. The “self signed certificates” are a really good fit because they make your website SSL capable and are valid for a really long time.

Too many redirects

There are many reasons why this could happen. But your descriptions are both not entirely correct. It can happen when:

  • You’re using Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL but you’re redirecting to HTTPS on your website using standard code. To fix this, you need to switch to Full SSL, have redirection code on your website that’s Cloudflare aware (like the Really Simple SSL plugin for WordPress) or let Cloudflare do the HTTPS redirect.
  • You are using our Redirects tool to redirect back to your own website (e.g. to force SSL). The Redirects tool cannot be used for this.

To respond to your points:

  • You can use Cloudflare and redirect with .htaccess rules. But when using .haccess rules, make sure that your .htaccess rules look at the HTTP:X-Forwarded-Proto variable, not the HTTPS or SERVER_PORT variables. If you’re not using Flexible SSL, it’s all fine.
  • You can have an SSL certificate and use Flexible SSL without any problems. You’ll have the usual problems of Flexible SSL and I don’t see why you wouldn’t use the SSL certificate if you have it, but you could.

@Deveroonie You should probably change your list to match what Admin has because many people will only look at your list(because its on top) instead of Admin’s(all the way at bottom).

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or there is a system issue System Issues

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