Hello, so I wanted to add an SSL certificate to my website so https works, I followed the Add Free Certificate from the site, I think I set them up but not sure if I did correctly, my website name is this:

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Is this correct?

definitely wrong

what must I change?

Both CNAME record and Destination are wrong

I just put these stuff:

Record Name _acme-challenge
Record Name _acme-challenge.www

In the docs it said to copy these 2
Can you show me the correct ones?

This part is correct. However you need to fill in the correct destination

Can you tell me what I must add to these?

come back pls xd

So I did what the websites says copy _acme-challenge and put it into the Record Field then copy _acme-challenge.www and put it into the destination field and press add. That’s all the docs said

what else must I do?

Well, that’s not what the docs said.

In the client area, you see a table with a column Record Name and Destination and two rows with data. In the control panel is a form with a field Record Name and Destination.

So for each of the row in the client area, you need to copy the Record Name from that row to the Record Name field and copy the Destination field from that row and paste it in the Destination field. Then you repeat that for the other row.

We purposely named the fields the same in the client area and the control panel the same to make this clear.

So I’m not sure which documentation is referring to, but it definitely should not say that you should copy a Record Name column to a Destination field. That just makes no sense.


so i figured it out Screenshot - 0e199accd7a7fdea9d2d8e8d3533ec75 - Gyazo

but for some reason it said for the first one ready on the ssl certifcate site to check etc now its on not ready again

went back to the old ones I put

now the second one is on ready

last time I reply, now its on not ready again like it goes ready for some minutes back to not ready

Do you get it working? Once you add the records, you can get the keys that are needed in the control panel.

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