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I have changed from DSN Nameserver to CNAME as a result of not being able to set domain email in infinityfree, and so I had to accommodate emaiI service on the same settings. For my infintyfree I have set CNAME to (Name = www, TTL = 3600, and target to my main domain)

Please May I have detailed help to achieve this. Thank you

I see you set a CNAME record for, but don’t have a record for itself. You’ll need to add an A record to it pointing to the Website IP of your account (it’s shown in the Account Details in the client area).


Thank you admin, Please help me I’m so bad in this. Please help me step by step, do I set all this in my domain host, Do I add A record and put and IP Address?

Thank you so much admin. You are the best. :pray: seems like it’s now all sorted out.

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