CNAME record created but not seen by SSL Manager

FYI I read the KB articles offered, none match my experience, so here is the issue:

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

User: BookTrakker

Error Message

No CNAME Found (not ready)

Other Information

I created the CNAME Entry on our GoDaddy account and it resolves to the endpoint I need, yet the ZeroSSL Cert keeps claiming it is not ready. What do I need to do to make the Certificate see the CNAME Entry?

Is not connected to an InfinityFree account. The domain “” is not connected to an account either.


Ok so based on what @Greenreader9 says, you are just trying to get an SSL certificate for a domain which is not hosted on IF?

Yes. I need an SSL cert. for my local website in order to work with Amazon callbacks from our software. I need something that will work with a CNAME based on a Dynamic DNS domain name so I do not have to purchase a Static IP and thus a business line connection.

I got the impression I could do that with this Cert. Is that not the case?

You technically can.

Can you screenshot the place where you setup the CNAME record, as well as the record screen in the client area? Although the domain “” does not even exists in the first place, so you cannot create a certificate for something that does not exist. Make sure you typed the domain name correctly.

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Hi Greenreader9,

Thanks for helping out! I can see one disconnect here, the domain in question is, not, which as you observed does not exist.

I added screenshots showing you that the CNAME entry exists (and works, if you go to you will end up on the server in question)


Got it.

Can you screenshot the CNAME record you created for the SSL?


It is in the screenshot I provided. You can clearly see that I created a CNAME Record for that will point to

No, it is not. Look in the second screenshot provided. You need to create another CNAME record with the contents that the SSL page in the client area tells you.


OK, clearly I am clueless - and I mean that in the literal sense of observing a fact. I am glad you used the word ‘another’. So you are saying I need to create a CNAME Record with the above?

Geez. There it is, right there in the screenshot. I will do that and see what happens.

I added a new screenshot with the new CNAME. Presumably I need to wait for propagation, and then perhaps it will work?

Thanks for persisting and being clear. You did a fantastic job here and I really appreciate it!


Yep! Quickly checking it it looks correct. You should get an email after the record is detected. This can take up to 72 hours.


Excellent! This will be really helpful in our development of tools for Booksellers that sell on Amazon.

I really appreciate your help. This was one of those cases where what I needed to do was right in front of my eyes but I did not see it or understand it until you helped me out.


No problem :slight_smile:

Hmm… not sure it worked. See screenshot. Is this how it shows prior to the 72 hours?

Try using a different SSL provider. The one you chose may be experiencing some issues.


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