Cname not worked

this domain points to another site thats fully constructed. now I cant see /get to that site at all via the web.


An error occurred during a connection to Peer reports it experienced an internal error.


Your site works fine to me with SSL, noting that browser caching may effect that issue, so can you try uising another browser/ flushing dns cache?

thats so strange. i cleared both browsers (firefox and explorer) and now get a different error.

even safari says 'cannot open the page because too many redirects occured

I don’t see a redirect loop on, but I do wonder about your DNS settings.

The domain currently points to your hosting account with us, but currently points to an external website builder service. This does not seem intentional.

If you would rather use an external site builder service, that’s fine, but please keep in mind that while we do provider DNS hosting, our DNS hosting is not suitable for standalone DNS hosting. If you would like to use an external site builder, you may find it’s easier to use the nameservers of that provider, your domain provider’s DNS hosting service, or a separate DNS hosting service like Cloudflare.

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im sorry i dont really understand what youre saying… needs to be simple terms for me.
i didnt think was pointed to you… i thought it was parked here.
then when people type in the domain i want it to go to a site made in mighty networks (due to not being able to build a site we want.)
so the cname point is intentional…
as far as i was aware infinityfree is my dns host.

All fixed. I left

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