CNAME Destination is “Not ready” (11776 DOT bodis DOT com)


Error Message: CNAME Destination is “Not ready” (current destination is always 11776 DOT bodis DOT com)

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I’m trying to create SSL for However the CNAME destination in Vista Panel->SSL is always 11776 DOT bodies DOT com. What is 11776 DOT bodies DOT com?

What can i do to get my site successfully using “h.t.t.p.s://”?

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If you have already clicked the “Setup CNAME” button, you will have to wait up to 72 hours for the system to detect that before the certificate is issued.


thanks mate. It works already. Took longer than i expected. Can anyone close and delete this topic? Thanks!

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Activating the CNAME record should take a few hours at most, definitely not 72 hours. The DNS cache on the client area check is very short, 15 minutes at most, so any delay will be caused by the change taking a while to be applied on the nameservers.

If it doesn’t work after 6 hours, you may want to go into the control panel, delete the existing CNAME record and then recreate it (either by hand or through the one click setup button), and then check again after a few hours.


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