Cloudflare SSL Not Working On Cloudflare

Cloudflare Flexible SSL is not working on InfinityFree. I tried another hosting and it work
How can i fix?
That hosting was GitHub Pages

Did you install SSL in control panel?

Why not? What do you see?

Last time I checked, it was working fine. But some scripts don’t handle it properly, so it’s usually better to install a self signed certificate on your account and switch to Full mode.


I have a last question. According to the guide of how to use cloudflare on IF. There is possible to don’t use www but only @?

You can use only @, but if someone visits the www version of your website, it will not work

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Ok, i want to use IF with @ to redirect to www where is pointed to another web hosting. Is it possible?

Yes, possible. You are a superb experimenter though :sweat_smile:

I would personally just use Cloudflare Page Rules if all you need is a web redirect.


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