Cloudflare SSL issue "The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name [mydomain].com."

Hi, here is what I have done so far:

Went to CloudFlare and created a certificate, using the “I have my own CSR” option in CloudFlare and pasting the CSR from InfinityFree into it.

Clicked Create in CloudFlare.

Pasted my Certificate into InfinityFree

Clicked Upload Certificate

Got an error message:

“The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name [mydomain].com.” (used my actual domain name of course).

Any ideas what is going on?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Cloudflare TLS Certificates are not accepted in Infinity Free’s free Hosting services

This is the right answer.

The error message seen doesn’t really reflect it, but the certificate uploader doesn’t just check if the certificate is for the right domain name. It also checks whether the certificate is issued by a recognized certificate authority, which Cloudflare isn’t. Because we don’t want to have extra stress on the system, just because someone wants a self signed certificate with their own name in it.

Instead of using the Origin Certificates, you can set Cloudflare to use “Full” instead of “Full (strict)” mode so they can connect with our default certificate. Or you can install a certificate which is provided by a real SSL provider.

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