Cloudflare origin certificate error?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Cloudflare has detected that your configuration is using our Authenticated Origin Pulls feature. Recently, we renewed the certificate that our edge network presents to your origin due to the upcoming expiration of the current certificate on January 11, 2020.
To ensure uninterrupted service, you need to update your origin server to authenticate with the new authenticated origin pull certificate anytime before January 11, 2020.
You can find the updated certificate and follow the instructions for updating popular origin servers in this Cloudflare Help Center article:

I’m using this software:
just got this on my email.

additional info:

Some people say that it takes them longer to go to my site.

I wrote about this notice a few weeks ago in more detail:

TL;DR: the notice is probably wrong, we don’t use Authenticated Origin Pulls and this change does not affect your website.

That’s possible, but if it is, it’s extremely unlikely to be caused by this issue. If a website does use Authenticated Origin Pulls and doesn’t update their certificate, their website will stop working entirely on the 11th of January. So even if this feature was in use, you wouldn’t notice anything yet, and definitely not any slowdowns.


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