Cloudflare dns, did i set this correctly?

I made sure to point my domain to your nameserver so vistapanel were able to add my custom domain. Once it succesffully added thats when i changed the domain registrar name server to point to cloudflare nameserver instead but i get cloudflare error for some reason. what did i miss?
i made sure cname pointed to my main domain found on vistapanel above the ftp details

You didn’t give a A record for your website

thats because the host dont recommend to use A record because they can change ip without telling us so its safer to use cname instead…

It’s working on my end

whenever you change DNS settings you have to wait for DNS propagation
maybe that’s the reason for your problem

Those DNS settings look (almost) perfect! And your website is also working fine from here.

The only suggestion I can give you is to change the IP address of the FTP IP to I don’t recall what the .16 IP is for, but it’s not the FTP server.

What kind of Cloudflare error do you see on your website?

thanks for your input, appreciate it.
well yesterday my domain keep changing back and forth between my registrar nameserver to cloudflare. like first hour i only see regitrar parking domain then 2nd hour it changed to cloudflare. it goes back and forth all the time. But atm its pointing to cloudflare though.

Oh about the ftp ip, i let cloudflare just scan my domain when it still had your host nameservers. But i didnt bother to look at it much because having cloudflare protection ftp seems not my important list. im fine using the default details from control panel. But ill adjust it according from your advice, thanks. Great host so far. thanks for your service.

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