Cloudflare caused infinite loop and processor overload

I’ve been locked out of my account, and it looks like it was activating Cloudflare that caused it. I can’t gain access to find out what was actually happening, but at a shrewd guess it was the old HTTP>HTTPS>HTTP>HTTPS endless redirect  that I’ve seen happen before on other sites.

Don’t think I can do much until the account unlocks, but thought I’d mention this.

A problem I see here is that since I can’t get in to the Cloudflare settings either, I can’t prevent a repeat happening as soon as the site comes back online.

The symptoms sound like you've set up a forced redirect to HTTPS from Cloudflare, without updating your website configuration accordingly.

I'm not sure what you previously used to edit your Cloudflare settings (a WordPress plugin by any chance?), but you should be able to login on directly and disable and page rules, redirects, URL rewrites and other "features" manipulating your website.