Cloudflare and Infinity Free

I’ve registered a domain on, here in Brazil.
But, does not “allow the search” on the and

So, what i did. On i set Dns to CloudFlare. that passed ok.
Now, its “working”

But, i cant add it to my host here on Infinity Free.

is there a way to do that ?
i have 2 hosts without use, because i cant point them to here.


Hello there,

There’s an issue with how domains works, this domains require domain DNS queries before you can set nameservers and that’s the problem because InfinityFres requires you to set your nameservers first before you can add your domain (probably to verify that you truly own the domain).
I’m not sure but you should try another registrar or get a new domain.


So the only way to me now, will be buy another domain ??

While I’m not sure but I’m afraid that will be the case.

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