cloud flare and email?

is the cloud flare working know with email? and how would i get ssl with cloud flare.

Why CloudFlare shouldn’t work with email? I think that CloudFlare works fine with email, but i have never used it so i cannot say that. And i think that you can get CloudFlare’s SSL on their page!

Well, the problem is as follows. When enabling Cloudflare, all traffic is forwarded to Cloudflare. It is forwarded on the DNS level, so other services (like e-mail) are also forwarded. The problem is that e-mail (MX) records don’t work over CNAME records, only regular website records (A) work.

So, in short, it’s either Cloudflare protection or the ability to receive mail, not both.

The only way to get both Cloudflare and e-mail is by ignoring the Cloudflare section in the control panel and manually sign up for a Cloudflare account on and set your MX records there as well.

And finally, you don’t need to do anything for Cloudflare SSL. Just visit your website using https, it will work.