Changing the Error Page

Well, I’m using currently VBulletin versions on some sub domains, trying to install chat on them, and its moving me to error page instead of successful page, I’d like to edit to my custom error or remove it…
How can I do so?

It’s moving you to “error page”? What error page? What does it say? Have you tried Googling the error message yourself to see what could have caused it?

Also, chat scripts are not allowed on our hosting, so it may be caused by a security restriction on our end. However, since you’re using $175 forum software, I see no reason you can’t upgrade your account to lift that restriction.

Its your error, I’m uploadin VBShout and its redirecting me to error or something

Please re-read my previous message, I asked you various questions related to the error and gave you a possible cause. Can you please answer those questions?

403 Forbidden
The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page.
This type.

That’s probably the chat script filter working as it should. We don’t allow chat scripts, so if potential chat related content is found it’s blocked automatically.

any chance to bypass it? or only with donating? and btw with donating, will it remove the on every subdomain i’ll create?

We don’t accept donations right now. If you’re willing and able to send money our way and would like better hosting in return, please consider getting an account at XVHOST.

That said, chat scripts are not allowed on XVHOST either. You’ll either need a high end shared hosting account (not XVHOST, that’s still a budget option) or a VPS to run chat scripts. Chat scripts consume a lot of server power, so there aren’t many free and low cost hosting providers who allow you to host such scripts.