Changing domains - help please!

I am admin for a charity group and we have had a name change. Therefore I want to remove domain and add our new domain

I cannot see a way to remove the current domain and replace it with our new one. I am unable to add as a parked domain / alias because I use O365 Name Servers to manage our DNS for mail etc.

If I delete from Addon Domains, can I then add WITHOUT changing the Name Servers to the epizy NS?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You MUST change the nameservers to either ones or ones. They may plan to add new domain adding methods soon, but this is the only way to add the domain right now. After adding the domain with their nameservers, you can then change to other ones, and point the non-www version of the domain to the Main Domain with a CNAME record and the www version of the domain to the non-www version of it with another CNAME record.


OK thanks for the information. As long as I can change my nameservers back to my O365 NS afterwards, I guess that will work. Be miles easier if I could add a TXT record or something, for them to authenticate. Get what you “pay” for I suppose. :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

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