Changing Add-on Domain

Hi, I set up an account using [test123]. epizy. com (not the real URL). I played around with Wordpress and now I’m happy with the site. How do I permanently change the account-wide domain to something else (say, [real123]. epizy. com)?

I was able to set up real123. epizy. com as another Addon domain from the Panel, but then I have to install a new Wordpress installation and set everything up again.

How do I instead switch over an existing account to a different addon domain?



Basically, what you will want to do is this:

  1. Conenct the new domain to your account (I would use “Parked Domains”, it will be easier. If you are using a subdomain, you will have to move your WP files from /htdocs/ to domainname.tld/htdocs)
  2. Change the site URL in WordPress settings
  3. You may have to clear your cache

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