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Hi and welcome to the forum! There is no way we’re gonna add those version changers on free hosting. We used to have a PHP version changer, but removed it since the removal of old PHP versions that aren’t getting updated; only Premium Hosting has it to date along with the old PHP versions that at least there tend to be more secure than the normal builds. But the MySQL version changer… Who has got time to install every single MySQL version (even outdated ones, which we tend to not support for safety reasons) on a database server?


PHP version selection is only available with premium hosting because premium hosting has CloudLinux’s HardenedPHP, making it possible to use outdated PHP versions in a relatively secure way. Because using outdated PHP versions is dangerous.

We’ve had problems where security vulnerabilities were found in PHP 5 that could be used on our hosting to break security. Seeing how no security fixes were being made anymore for PHP 5, our only option was to disable some core PHP functionality to keep our servers safe.

Additionally, the way we had PHP version selection set up on free hosting ended up being quite bad for server performance too.

So there are good reasons why we removed PHP version selection and we’re not going to add them back any time soon.

And MySQL version selection is much more difficult. With PHP there are some things you can do to switch versions on the fly, but with MySQL, a database server can only have exactly one version of MySQL. The only way something like that could be done is to simply run separate pools of database servers with different versions, which makes it hard to distribute load. And then either database version selection would have to be done while creating the account, because transferring the databases between servers would cause many problems.

At the same time, compatibility issues with MySQL versions are quite rare in my experience. If you have an up to date MySQL server, you can use it with almost any software, except for a few severely outdated scripts which you shouldn’t use anymore to begin with.


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