Change permissions to default

I accidentally made a mistake while changing the permissions and I can not read my htdocs sub domain folder files with my current user. my username is # epiz_26689632 and I got the following error:
Changing item permissions failed with error: Error during FTP change permissions, permission denied at: “/examplefolder/htdocs”.
Would “admin” please set all folder permissions to default?!

What did you set the permissions to? Because if you locked ‘Group’ out, then the Admin cannot change it. That would be an issue you need to take up with iFastNet.

I have issues with ‘Owner’ and ‘Public’ thing, Group is not important to me.
I want to change permission code to “704”. (It’s default)

if you have locked yourself out,then that’s it.No one can change it(even admin).

What permission did you set?

Thats not good :confused:
The current permission is 300.

The Admin cannot help you now, you must contact iFastNet and get them to change it for you.

I think even IFASTNET can’t help

iFastNet have control over everything. Im 90% sure they can edit all folders & files no matter what their permissions are set to.

Yes, you are right, the only person in unix computing who can override ANYTHING on the computer is root, root has the privilege to override any folder restrictions, or any user in the sudo group.


Ok great, thanks for your advices :slight_smile:

Only the thing you can is that add your domain to your another hosting domain and upload its content there,


NOBODY CAN DO IT. It’s already locked to everyone including the owner.


Root can…


It is neither accessible by owners (and admin) nor I know if Ifastnet staff would access the root for that.
Yes I know it’s accessible through root.

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