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I contacted iFastNet support to transfer my 2 free sites I have got here in InfinityFree platform. They confirmed all information is already transferred.
They only requested to change Name Servers and DNS to ensure all domains are redirected to the iFastNet Premium Servers. Can you please support me with this request? I cannot find any option in the cPanel or Account information to change them.

Please can you change the Name Servers on all your domain name(s) to those below in the welcome email, then allow for DNS propagation to see your sites resolving to your awesome Premium Server ip address!

Hi and welcome to the forum! There’s no need to change the nameservers and any DNS record on your domains (and those are our free subdomains, so you can’t even change the nameservers), as iFastNet also pushes the new hosting account’s IP to free hosting nameservers (in fact, I checked and both of these now resolve to the Premium Hosting server your domains are on).


Hi JxstErg1!
I really appreciate your support.
As you figured out, I am new to this forum also and I am really confident that the reply time and quality of support is really good.
Thank you very much!
Kind regards from Mexico! :slight_smile:

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