Change cPanel URLs to ""

I recently noticed that all the things your JavaScript hid are showing, and the shows a 404. All the URLs are now, so you need to change those.

Yeah! @Admin Please create a redirect from Login to your account - InfinityFree to Login to your account - InfinityFree because it may occur some problem as we bookmarked not the

Oops, it looks like we missed a few points when updating the URLs.

The URLs in the control panel have been updated now. Please logout and login again to see the updates.

I’ve also added a few redirects for /accounts and /login.

If there are any other things we missed or suggestions, please let me know.

What even is

@AlanTiller said:
What even is

It’s pretty much the same as what was before. However, itself is no longer handled by the client area code but is not a standalone website. We wanted to separate the main website from the client area to make it easier to change either of them separately and support future growth.