Change corner radius in Galery Thumbnails

Username: epiz_33229756
Issue: Can’t edit the corner radius for pictures in Galery Thumbnails.
Please advise the way how to change that radius?

Use the CSS property border-radius?

Without knowing more about how your site was created, I can’t get more specific.


In Border section in SideBuilder I can’t select the corners to edit

Then please check the support channels of this “SideBuilder” software you are using. A button being clickable or not is not an issue which we can clearly correlate to a hosting issue.


Sorry, not SideBuilder, but SiteBuilder

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There is no such option for galleries

but I think you can open site.css (if you have that file)

click the full screen icon on the video to see it better

find this line from my video that contains that code (.wp_thumb > div)

and put this in there border-radius: 5px;

you can open that CSS file with monstaFTP or with some txt editor

CTRL + F (search for “wb_thumb”)

it’s best to do it when you’re done creating so that those settings are not overwritten during any further editing on your part through that web builder.

and then if you are doing a preview
remember to clear the browser cache with CTRL + F5
so that the browser pulls the new settings from that CSS


Thanks for the detailed instructions. But after my changes nothing changed (have performed CTRL+F5 to clean cash and also have cleaned cash from settings).

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What does the second screenshot show? Is that your published site or in the builder?

Please remember that while you can edit the code that’s published by, this won’t update your site in itself. It will only edit your live site and will likely be overwritten if you hit publish from the builder again.


@raman88825 as the admin stated in the previous post…

  1. publish your website

  2. then edit site.css

  3. then visit your website and clear your browser cache

  4. you should see rounded corners

I tested twice, once directly through the browser and the second time on the hosting itself

P.S. always remember that when you make some changes in that editor
to edit the site.css file again because, as we mentioned, it will probably be overwritten.

Before I suggested the CSS thing to you
I tried to see if maybe I could put it (in GUI) as a setting on the parent…so I got all the way to the <body> section but it just doesn’t offer that…

I see that it offers on some things like img. background etc…

Maybe if someone would contact them and give them a suggestion they would consider and enable that option for galleries as well, but maybe that option exists on the pro version, so that’s the difference
or is the intention to make a simple tool for quickly creating a website, and what you want is considered advanced options for which they did not bother.

But I think it’s not a problem for you to edit that CSS file manually
and also learn something along the way :slight_smile:


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