Cargo Configuration

I am unable to configure my Cargo site to point to InfinityFree.
Any info would be appreciated!


I’m not sure what Cargo is. I see some hits pointing to a site builder, but their domain appears to be taken over by a phishing/scam page of some sort.

Can you please elaborate on the platform, as well exactly what you are trying to do (link what?) and what error(s) you are getting.



I only know Cargo as the dependency manager for the Rust programming language. But we only support PHP as a server side language on our hosting, so hosting a Rust application with us is not possible.

I do also see, which is a website builder. But looking at their documentation, it seems that you can only use their web builder with their hosting, they do not support exporting or publishing the site to third party hosting.

If you could share a link to the documentation of the platform you’re using with the instructions that you should follow, but are having trouble doing so with us, we may be able to help you bridge that gap.


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