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Hello, there! My website is now running decently. My site is earning enough to cover the cost of a premium hosting now. I want to upgrade to premium hosting. I tried to order XVHOST Premium. When I was asked for a domain name, I provided them with the domain name, which is currently being hosted in InfinityFree. However, it says that the domain is invalid. My site is currently suspended due to “resource limitation.” I want to upgrade ASAP so that I don’t lose my website traffic. Please help me upgrade.

Hello there,

What is your domain? Is it a subdomain?

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My domain is It’s a ccTLD.

We don’t work with XVHOST anymore. If you want to buy an account there, you’re welcome to try, but we can’t help you here. If you want good premium hosting, go to iFastNet instead.

Of course, you don’t have to use iFastNet. You’re free to choose any provider you want. But then contact that hosting provider for help. This is the Hosting Support section for InfinityFree, not every other hosting provider in the world.

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I thought if I upgrade to iFastNet, I don’t need to do any migration. However, iFastNet also shows the same error.

Yes you don’t have to do the migration yourself, iFastNet will do it for you upon request.
You can request them to migrate your site at their support page:

What error are you talking about exactly?


I am talking about the “invalid domain” error

Then you will need to ask iFastNet directly about that.
Just go to their support page and ask for support there.

You thought correctly. Just ask iFastNet and they will import your account. No further action required on your part!

And no, we cannot upgrade free accounts in-place. In order to provide a proper premium experience, iFastNet has a completely separate premium hosting infrastructure. It’s just not fair to sell you space on a free hosting system, that’s cheating.

I would guess that it’s an issue with WHMCS, the billing platform used by both XVHOST and iFastNet. I don’t know the details of why you see this error, so you’ll have to contact iFastNet about this.

Again, this is the Hosting Support section for InfinityFree. For help with other providers, use the support channels of those providers. InfinityFree != iFastNet != XVHOST != any other provider.


Actually, the support channel of iFastNet requires me to sign in first. To sign in I need to buy a hosting package which is the main issue.

As far as what I’m aware, actually that’s not the case, I created an account on their support page 2 times before (around 2018) and I didn’t even need to buy anything.

You can just try signing up directly in their support page.


Let me see.

You can just create an account and access it. No payment is required to make an account on their support portal.

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