Can't send or recieve emails after disabling cloudflare

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My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: I can’t send or receive emails, there’s no error showing up.

I’m using this software:

Additional information: So, I was able to send emails but was not able to receive any till today morning! So I checked out your forum and I came to know that the cloudflare integration hindered receiving emails. So I disabled cloudflare, and added my site directly with cloudflare website, as most of your threads suggested! But now, I’m not even able to send emails! The MX records are all set, my website is showing up good, but the emails are not working! Please specify any solution in detail, as I’m really new to these things!

Email- [email protected]

So from that article, I concluded that I needed to change the MX records on cloudflare’s website! I did that and it looks like this-

Can you check if that’s correct?
Also, I made another email [email protected] and I’m able to send emails, but can’t receive emails!

Then it might be a dns issue. Wait for 2 hrs to 72 hrs…

These records are almost correct. The A records look great, but the MX record doesn’t work like this. But all you need to do is to change the subdomain from the MX record from mail to @ and that’s it.

But, like @allroundernaman said, it may take a while for the changes to work.

I can’t find any subdomain field in the record’s setting! All I can see is this:-

Do you mean changing the “name” field from ‘mail’ to ‘@’?

Yeah… right… change mail to @

Okay so when I’m entering ‘@’ , it’s automatically changing to my domain name (, is it okay?

Yeah… it is ok

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