Cant see debugging/errors

i have turned on 'alter php config ’
but i am not able to see any file showing the problem that why isn’t my code working

What is your domain so we can check? Do you have any files uploaded? Did you make your own .htaccess?

No info = No solution.

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Display Errors doesn’t always work. The setting configures PHP to print the errors on the output. But this doesn’t work if:

  • The code doesn’t crash, but just doesn’t return the (desired) output.
  • There is PHP code in your site that overrides error reporting configuration to suppress everything, or the code is in a subdirectory with a .htaccess file that disables error displaying.
  • The error happens in a page that’s not loaded directly in the browser. E.g. errors from AJAX endpoints or embedded assets. You need to check the Network tab in your browser developer tools to see the output being returned.

Maybe we can help you figure it out and help you retrieve the actual error message. But we do need more details than “why option not working” to do so.

no i did not make your own htaccess

On the login page, I get this error:

Warning : mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory in /home/vol4_2/ on line 2

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check about completelogin(second link) not finallogin one)

The registration was working fine in localhost but I am getting this error now

that’s why I enabled alter PHP config but not able to get any error

Like Admin said, your script is crashing, but does not display helpful errors.

Does your script have a debug mode? If so, enable that.


Without knowing the actual error message generated by the specific page, it’s hard to say. But judging by the error message, can you please double check that the database connection is using the database hostname shown in the client area and control panel? Because that error indicates you’re using localhost, which doesn’t work here.


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