Can't replace default default 404 page

I have tried both ways. Actual .htaccess file is:

If you add an addon domain then you get another folder for it. The main htdocs folder is only for the subdomain with which the account was created.

Redirect rules are working fine, the files are not working because they are not at right location.

As i have checked his site and i was redirected to 404.html page but as that file doesn’t exist so i see default error page by ifastnet.

In above screenshot the highlighted part shows the location where files of that site should go. So he might need to check that if that points to htdocs then might be something else causing problem.

But all other files, such as index page, work.
I added this domain in first step of creating account in Infinityfree.

Maybe try renaming the errors folder to error, then correct the paths on your .htaccess file and see if it works?


I removed domain and now I have to wait some time to readd. I will keep you in touch about this issue.

Files doesn’t exist thats what server is responding.

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After you said this I tested by making myself an account and

This is the right solution.

I believe ifastnet have their default error pages stored on “Errors” folder of every site that’s why you can’t overwrite it by making same folder.


Yes, it helped me. Thank you all for your cooperation.


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