Can't replace default default 404 page

Error pages on server:

I tried in different browsers on different devices with cleaning cookies.

Try cleaning your browsers cache and try again

Yes, I have already tried it.

What do you mean about error pages? broke themes?

I have my error pages that have design like this:

But they are not display. I see only standard error pages, not my personal.

Try writing your error page code again (maybe the code have you written aren’t saved)

I`m sure code is saved.


Are you sure that you uploaded your files in “” and not in main “htdocs” folder which is supposed to be for subdomain with which account was created.

As from screenshot i can see that you uploaded your files in main htdocs folder of infinityfree subdomain assigned to you while creation of account and not the htdocs folder of your custom domain.

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yep make sure the file is in htdocs

Had you added your domain as addon domain or parked domain?

Check directory for your addon domain next to it and add files there.

Could you try to set the permission in those .html files from errors folder to 755.

Changed for 404.html. Also, folder is with 755. Didn’t help

I don’t understand what do you mean. I have no folder “”. All my website files are in folder “htdocs”.

Had you uploaded those files on the document root directory can be found next to addon domain.

then try removing addon domain and re-add it.
You can find the path of your domain here.

So, how can I access this folder? It’s impossible without readding domain?

I think you may have deleted that folder accidently (don’t know that whether it possible or not because I haven’t tried)
So, if you can’t create the same folder then re-adding addon domain is the way.

I’m sure that I haven’t this folder before. Also, I have no permission for deleting, creating or editing files (folders) in root directory, so, no, it is impossible.

You can’t actually delete a root domain folder, and he only have one htdocs and that is correct.

I have a question, where did you edit or put the custom error page, using the Custom Error Page section from control panel or by manually editing the .htaccess?