Can't receive POST from Paypal IPN

i tested in other host and works, but in infinityfree i can’t receive any data from paypal…

Paypal solutions:
-Verify that your firewall is not blocking HTTPS POST request messages from PayPal.

-Check your web server’s access and error logs.
The access log tells you whether your server is receiving IPN messages at all, while the error log lists any errors that have occurred on your server.

I can’t access my logs and why the host is blocking the messages from paypal?

We have a bot protection system which ensures that you can only access your website when visiting it with a web browser. However, this means any APIs or webhooks are not going to work. This is most likely the reason your PayPal IPN are not being received as well.

To properly use PayPal, I think you have to upgrade to XVHOST.